Core Concepts of Government and not-for-profit Accounting by Granof & Wardlow Exam And Quizzes- A+ Graded

Complete Quiz Chapter 1 - 15

Chapter 1

The Government and Not-For-Profit Environment

Chapter 2

Fund Accounting

Chapter 3

Government Financial Reporting

Chapter 4

Governmental Activities - Recognizing Revenues

Chapter 5

Governmental Activities - Recognizing Expenditures and Expenses

Chapter 6

Governmental Activities - Accounting for Capital Projects and Debt Service

Chapter 7

Governmental Activities - Capital Assets and Investments in Marketable Securities

Chapter 8

Governmental Activities - Long-Term Obligations

Chapter 9

Business-Type Activities and Internal Services

Chapter 10

Permanent Funds and Fiduciary Funds

Chapter 11

Issues of Reporting, Disclosure, and Financial Analysis

Chapter 12

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Chapter 13

Special Issues for Not-for-Profit Health Care Providers and Institutions of Higher Education

Chapter 14

Auditing Governments and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Chapter 15

Financial Analysis

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Core Concepts of Government and not-for-profit Accounting - Quiz

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