ECO 550 Week 4 Discussion Question – Strayer New

Week 4 Discussion


"Production Economics and Decisions" Please respond to the following:

Bill Gates Jr. and Bill Gates Sr.

Dr. Parick Dixon On Labor Motivation--

   another great video of Patrick Dixon on labor motivation--



Camden Doctor and Organization Makes National News in Healthcare Reform--his is a small movement towards what they have in France, England etc. as per movie Sick-Short 10 minute Video on PBS   Frompage 1 of (Trenton) The Times on Memorial Day May 28, 2012, on Dr. Brenner's work--


Trends in Global Trade

•           --Arctic Trade Route and Arctic riches and lower prices for all world because of lower transportation costs over the Arctic and  and

•           Nicaragua Canal




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ECO 550 Week 4 Discussion Questions – Strayer NEW

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