HCS 433 Complete Class Week 1 – 5 All Assignments and Discussion Questions – A+ Graded Course Material

Week 1 Individual Perspective of Aging Paper

There are many stereotypes about the elderly, and we see older adults portrayed on television, in movies, and in advertisements. We read about older adults in books, hear about them in jokes, and see how they are depicted in birthday cards. Much of what we know, or think we may know, comes from these sources, and they may not be entirely accurate.

Research three different types of media, either electronic or print, that depict an older adult. You may look at television, movies, greeting cards, or newspapers, as a few examples.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word APA-formatted paper on your findings. Look for stereotypes in the media and how the older adult is being portrayed. Be prepared to discuss this in class. If possible, bring the media to class with you.

Refer to Perspective of Aging on the student website for more information.

Week  1 Discussion Questions

What are some common stereotypes about the elderly? How do print and electronic media contribute to stereotypes about aging?

What changes in population may we expect over the next decade?

Week 2 Learning Team Health Promotion Project Outline

Decide, as a Learning Team, on a chronic health issue that affects the aging population. Begin to think about a health promotion program that would positively affect an older person with this specific health problem. As a team, you must present your idea to the class in Week Five.

Obtain approval from your instructor for the chronic health issue.

Prepare a detailed outline that identifies a chronic health issue affecting the aging population, as well as the health promotion program your team will design to address that issue. In addition, prepare a reference list with at least three sources of information.

Include the following elements in your outline:

·  Possible health promotion idea

·  Demographics of clientele

·  Overview of a chronic health issue, including prevalence and effect on client

Refer to the Health Promotion Project Outline on the student website for more information.

Submit the Health Promotion Project Outline.

Week 2 Discussion Questions

If one’s ability to ambulate were greatly decreased, what activities might be limited or altered?


Why do many people believe that older adults are more likely to be depressed than younger adults? What does the evidence on prevalence rates show?

Week 3 Individual Functionality Paper

Often, a loss of function will begin a so-called downward spiral in the life of an elderly person, affecting his or her independence and quality of life.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word APA-formatted paper that addresses the significance and validity of the above statement. Include how the specific loss of function might affect one or more activities of daily living.

Use a minimum of three references to support your paper.

Refer to the Functionality Paper located on the student website for more information.

Week 3 Discussion Questions

What benefits does a senior center have for the older adult?

Week 4 Individual Services Presentation

There are many services available for older adults related to psychosocial, cognitive, and emotional issues.

Identify services available in a facility of your choice, based on where you would like to work in the health care field. Address any one of the following issues:

·  Psychosocial

·  Cognitive

·  Emotional

Describe what you would recommend to fill the gap in service if the facility does not have a program that relates to one of the areas above.

Prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes addressing services in your area.

Refer to the Services Presentation located on the student website for more information.

Week 4 Discussion Questions


Identify the various housing options available to older persons.  What is meant by the term aging in place?



How might an older adult hide his or her alcohol consumption?


Week 5 Learning Team Health Promotion Project

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation accompanied by a brochure or poster that summarizes the chronic health issue in older adults and the health promotion program your team designed to address the issue.

Include the following in the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation:

·  Demographics specific to proposed clientele for the program

·  Information on a chronic health issue, including national statistics and effects on the individual

·  Costs of the health promotion project

·  Potential funding for the program

·   Time frame for implementation of the health program

·  Projected location for the program

·  Personnel needed for program implementation

·  Plan for promotion of the program

Use a minimum of five references to support your presentation.

Refer to the Health Promotion Project located on the student website for more information.

Week 5 Discussion Questions

What needs and demands might future generations have when they retire?

What are some examples of how technology may change retirement?

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