MGT 420 Complete Class Week 1 – 5 All Assignments and Discussion Questions – A+ Graded Course Material

Week 1 Individual Role of Stakeholder Paper

Prepare up to 350-word paper which you explain the role of stakeholders in implementing a quality management process.

Discuss each of the stakeholders and their specific roles in implementing a quality management process.

Provide two organizations as examples to support your answer.

Week 2 Learning Team Part 1 BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Initiative Proposal

Prepare a total quality management program for BJB Manufacturing Company by writing a 700-to 1,050-word paper in which you develop a quality management approach for BJB. Address the following:

Determine what needs the stakeholders may have for BJB’s products.

Analyze the product and needs of BJB, and then select the quality management approach that would be the best fit. Explain your rationale.

Describe the role of leadership in planning, developing, and implementing a quality process in BJB.

Week 3 Individual Theory Matrix

Complete the Theory Matrix available on the student website, which examines the quality theory’s major concepts, the process of the theory, process-driven and customer-driven quality requirements and an example of a company that has applied that particular theory.

Week 4 Learning Team BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Program Proposal Part I to III Presentation

Prepare a 12- to 15-minute oral presentation of Part I-III of the BJB Total Quality Management Program proposal your team developed.

Include 10-12 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides.

Week 4 Learning Team Part II & III: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Implementation Strategy

Continue building your proposal for BJB’s Strategic Planning Committee by adding 1,050-to 1,750-words outlining the strategies for addressing quality management issues and determining an effective means of deploying the quality management initiative.

Analyze factors that should be considered when measuring the results of quality initiatives by using the quality initiative the Learning Team selected to be the best fit for BJB. Address the leadership’s roles in successfully deploying an initiative. Then determine how this approach would help enhance the accomplishment of the following:

·  Reduction of the number of product failures

·  Material and labor costs due to gains in operational efficiencies

·  Profitability

·  Customer complaints management

·  Environmental regulations compliance

·  Reduction of the number of damage claims and service reliability in the supply chain

·  Levels of inventory

·  Inventory damage and shrinkage management

·  Communications, cooperation, and coordination between all departments within the company improvement

Week 5 Individual Quality Management Organizations

Prepare a 350-to 700-word paper in which you research at least two quality management organizations--one national and one local--that would positively enhance the implementation of a quality program.

Identify the organizations you have researched and describe how the organizations help companies to improve the quality management.

Evaluate the effect that participation in these organizations would have on quality performance for an organization.

Week 5 Learning Team Part IV: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Supplier Alliance Metrics Report

Prepare a 1,050-to 1,400-word report in which you determine supplier alliance requirements and appropriate metrics for BJB to measure the performance effectiveness of their suppliers. What recommendations would you present to BJB’s Strategic Planning Committee to integrate the supplier alliance and metrics?

Address the following:

·  Determine KPIs for forming supplier alliances as well as how BJB would evaluate supplier qualifications and performance.

·  How do these measurements help ensure a competitive advantage for BJB?

·  Analyze the types of costs of changing supplier alliances.

·  Compile Parts I-IV of the BJB Total Quality Management Program proposal together and submit it to your facilitator.

Week 1 – 5 Discussion Question

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MGT 420 (Managing quality In the Supply Chain) Complete Class A+

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